Forgotten Deadlines and St Clements Tarts


This article originally appeared in the April 13th 2016 edition of the Nottingham Evening Post.

Sneintons very own Great British Bake Off contestant discusses baking when travelling and family catch ups.

I find myself writing this month’s article in a rather unusual location. I am currently sat on a plane, squashed on a seat that only an umpa lumpa would find spacious, 10,600 metres above the ground (or so I am told).

It is said that travel broadens the mind but in my experience it tends to have a greater effect on my waistband then anything else. No matter what the country, I find the search for food is the greatest way to understand the people that live there.

Whether it’s eating cannoli at 2am on a Florence back street or tucking into salty pretzel croissants whilst braving the wind in a frosty New York park, my stomach leads the way in a foreign environment. Using my trusty phone as a guide, no pavement is left untrodden in the quest for the perfect bake.

This isn’t to say I always get it correct though, like any seasoned traveller i too have had my fair share of food disasters. Being a life-long vegetarian can sometimes prove problematic in the more carnivorous areas of the world.

The long conversation regarding the meat content of a oxtail soup in Greece is just one of the many stumbling blocks I have had to face over the years, not to mention the chicken found in the “veggy” pasta at a rather famous Hollywood eatery!

My current jolly to Lanzarote will offer me a new challenge though as my mother-in-law, who moved out here from Newark a year ago, has requested that I arrive with my baking skills at the ready.

Shown to a rather warm kitchen, I shall be chained to an oven as I attempt to use my school grade Spanish to translate recipes into the local lingo.

Facing melting butter and curdling creams I shall be on a one man quest to single handedly increase the sugar consumption of this small isle over the next few days. Jamie Oliver be damned.

Keep the ovens of Nottingham warm for me until I return. I may even bring you all back a straw donkey if you behave.


I wanted to celebrate and reinvent a forgotten British classic for this month’s recipe.  My St Clements tart is based on Key Lime pie but instead uses fresh Oranges and Lemons to create a wonderfully fresh desert that would look fantastic on your Sunday dinner table.  Using Gingernuts as the tart base complements the citrus flavours but you could swap them out for any other biscuits of your choice as long as you keep the weights the same.

The full recipe for this tart can be found on the Nottingham Evening Post website *here*

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