Cream Egg Filled Doughnuts

Cream Egg Doughnuts - Compressed

This article was originally posted in the Wednesday 3rd March 2016 edition of The Nottingham Evening Post

As a keen baker, Easter ranks only slightly after Christmas when it comes to my favourite holiday seasons.  Any celebration that marks an excuse to feast on the wonders of spring is ok in my books.

Although I don’t consider myself to be a particularly religious man I have still found myself giving up something for lent this year.  I have, after much teeth grinding and fist wringing, finally managed to give up cigarettes.

The reformed smokers out there will know what an effort this is and will hopefully sympathise with my plight. Especially those that have found the sharp end of my tongue over the past days and weeks.

To celebrate the Easter season I shall be spending my time cooking up a continuing series of treats to both thank my family and friends for their patience alongside feeding my newly insatiable appetite for indulgent foods!

From fruity Simnel cakes to overly chocolatey sponges covered in mini eggs and dodgy looking fake chicks, no Easter cake will be left uncovered in my house this year.

A time to dig out my plastic moulds and coloured foil as I try to convince those around me that my home made Easter eggs are of a far superior quality to those in the shops (they never are). The season to ask myself ‘How many Hot Cross Buns can I eat in a single sitting’?

We don’t have to confine ourselves solely to sweet bakes though, although that is where I seem to gravitate normally.  As a vegetarian this is the season for the freshest asparagus, the sweetest peas and wonderful baby artichokes which are all begging to be baked into a tart or quiche.

No matter what your religion or beliefs, this is a time for celebration of good things to come in the coming year.  May the weather be glorious and the food plentiful for you all.  Even if I can no longer finish my meals with a cigarette.

Gosh, how I miss cigarettes.


The recipe for these can be found online HERE

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