Diets and Tea Loaves

(Almost) Fat Free Tea Loaf

(Almost) Fat Free Tea Loaf

If Christmas is a baker’s favourite time of year when we get to show off our most extravagant skills then the January that follows tends to be a wasteland when it comes to all things cake.

As the nation is shamed by their bathroom scales into starting the inevitable New Year’s diet, the foods and treats that we have loved so much over the festive season get abandoned only to be replaced with low fat Cabbage and Gluten free water.  The very thought alone is enough to curdle my cream.

Although I am known for my somewhat sweet tooth and well stocked cake cupboards, dieting and exercise is something I too have had to become accustomed to in recent years.  A combination of the Great British Bake Off filming, hitting my mid thirties and pure gluttony has resulted in negative effects on my waist line. Who would have thought?!

There always seems to be an argument over the effectiveness of the traditional diet, as soon as you go back to eating normally the weight piles back on. Enough time and money gets ploughed into all manner of food fads though that I thought I would look into finding the right one for me.

Fortunately I have discovered a new and exciting diet which may be right up my street. The Cake Cleanse diet has recently left the shores of Australia, the land of its invention to save the day for bakers everywhere!  Eating a slice of cake for breakfast, one for lunch and then having a normal dinner will apparently see the pounds shed away.  I kid you not!

So, whilst the rest of you enjoy your green tea bagels or whatever awful sounding concoction we are being told to eat this week I shall be sitting down to my third slice of Mississippi Mud Pie.

God knows why my trousers keep getting tighter though. Maybe I need more Buttercream?


Here is a very quick and simple recipe for a lovely fruity tea loaf.  Nearly fat free and full of flavour, this is the perfect treat to reward yourself for doing so well on your New Years diet!

1cup Hot black Tea

225g Dried Mixed Fruit

225g Self Raising Flour

110g Golden Caster Sugar

1 Large Egg – beaten

1tbsp Orange Marmalade

1tbsp Lemon Curd

Pre-heat oven to 180c then butter and line a 9” loaf tin.

Pour the tea over the fruit and leave to cool. The fruit will absorb the tea and become plump and juicy.

Add the flour, sugar, egg, marmalade and curd into a separate bowl and stir to combine.

Add the fruit and any leftover tea and stir until the mixture is well combined.  It should be quite a loose batter.

Pour into the pre-prepared tin and bake for 1 hour.

Remove from the oven and leave for 5mins before removing from the tin and placing on a cooling rack to cool completely.

Enjoy spread with butter and maybe with a little left over Christmas cheese.

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