Spanische Windtorte & EP4 Recap


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I decided to have a crack at the Spanische Windtorte for this weeks article.  I will first confess that I made this last Sunday, before I had a chance to watch the episode in which it was featured.  Hence it’s rather unique appearance!  The classic bake is decorated with purple fondant flowers but, in my opinion, fondant takes like surgery cardboard so instead decided to make some meringue flavoured with freeze dried blackberry powder given to me by the good folks at Healthy Supplies. This gave the final result a good fruity punch and cuts down on the whole sugar on sugar on sugar approach of the original.

If I was to make this again I would cover the tower completely in the blackberry meringue and smooth it like you would a cake to create both more of a visual impact and also to provide even more fruity taste!  Still, this one is bloody tasty and I would happily make it again, even if it did end up taking hours due to the crapness of my oven!



8 Large egg whites

320g Icing Sugar


4 large egg whites

160g Icing Sugar

20g Freeze Dried Blueberry powder


400ml Double Cream

6tbsp Icing Sugar

2tbsp Cognac (optional)

200g Blackberries & Blueberries

In a large bowl add the 8 egg whites and use an electric whisk until you get stiff peaks. Add the shell sugar 1tbsp at a time whilst whisking.

Keep mixing for 5mins until the mix is very thick. Spoon into a piping bag fitted with a 1/8” nozzle.

Draw 5 8” circles on non-stick paper and place onto baking trays. Use a pastry brush to brush with a little oil.

Pipe 2 circles complete and 3 circles as outlines only. Bake at 100c for 1 hour until crisp.

Repeat the above technique only with the Decoration mix. Fold in the blueberry powder.

Place one of the full meringue circles onto a baking sheet. Pipe blueberry meringue onto this then place the first circle onto.  Repeat this until you have a meringue cage.

Use the rest of the blueberry meringue to pipe decorations on the cage and decorate the lid. Bake at 100c for 30mins.

Once cooked and cooled, fill with whipped double cream into which you fold the sugar, fruit and Cognac (if using). Top with the meringue lid.


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