Fondant Fancies!


The Biscuit Monster Strikes Again!

Since the Bake Off journey finished for me last year I have often been asked to bake cakes for a variety of charities, talks and bake sales.  The one thing that has slightly baffled me is that, although the GBBO is not a cake decorating show, everyone wants a fondant decorated sponge thing!


Arise Chicken!

I haven’t posted any of these before as, although they look fun, I personally don’t like the taste of fondant so haven’t really considered them alongside my normal brand of calorific treats.  Still, I appreciate my tastes may not be the same as everyone else’s!

Day of the Tentacle cake for GameCity Festival.

As people keep asking for them and I have gotten a lot better at making them over the past 12 months, I figured now was the time for some sort of uber-post where I can stick them all.


A stripey number for Maggies Nottingham

All cakes on this page use sponge cake and Italian butter creams as filling and are then draped in multiple layers of chocolate Ganache.  Some cakes are chocolate, some fruit and some vanilla.  What the customer wants the customer gets.

Hand Painted

I hand painted this for the retirement party of a local headmaster

As always, I am happy to do commissions if you would also like one of my cakes, fondant or otherwise!


My first attempt at a buttercream covered cake. Tastier then fondant I reckon.


The figures were kindly made my my misses


Getting these stripes correct almost proved to be my undoing!


Ever played Day of the Tentacle? I highly recommend this 90’s classic. If you ever find yourself in Nott’s then I suggest checking out the National Videogame Arcade too!


A book for the Nottingham Festival of Words 2015


*And NO, I don’t make my own fondant.  Show me someone who says they do and I will show you a dirty fat liar!

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