Tips for applying to the Great British Bake Off


Just a short post to tell you that I have written an article for The Telegraph about my tips for getting onto the Bake Off next year, should you be mental enough to give it a go!

You can find the article HERE

And remember, you can always chat to me on Twitter.  You can find me under @LaPetitLion I always like to chat!

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  1. I want to apply for GBBO 2017. I couldn’t apply for this year as I became a Mum in November last year when the selection process was happening! I need to get on the show! I have always loved baking, since a teenager and know I can do it! Just need the chance. Any other additional tips on how to get noticed? Thanks in advance!
    Louise Milligan.


    • Hi Louise, the best tip I can give is to be yourself through the whole process. Dont try and be what you think they want as they will see this straight away. The production team work very hard at getting people who love to bake but your personality also plays an equal part in being picked. Bake well and let your personality shine through!


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