Yule log and appalling lack of posts.

Yule Log!

‘ellow all!

I am acutely aware that I have put nothing up on my site for a few weeks now.  This isn’t for want of trying, nor for the lack of baked goods to show off!  I have recently been spending SO much time in the kitchen that I have not had the chance to sit and type anything up recently.  I will rectify this shortly though with a barrage of new and tasty treats!

Until then, I thought I would just show off a Forest’y Yule log I made recently to be raffled of a a charity event for my good friends at Maggie’s Nottingham. Maggies is a fantastic charity who work with people who have, or have had, Cancer and their families.  This is something that has greatly affected the lives of people around me and Maggie’s have been wonderful in all the do.

No recipe for this at the moment as it has been promised to the good folk over at http://eatmidlands.com/ so once they put it up, I will link to it here and on my Twitter.  UPDATE:  Recipe available here:  http://eatmidlands.com/recipe-forestland-yule-log-gbbos-jordan/

Hope everyone is getting ready for a rocking Christmas?

Love always


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